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The Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum teaches comprehensive networking concepts and skills, from network applications to the protocols and services provided to those applications by the lower layers of the network. Students progress from basic networking to more complex enterprise and theoretical networking models later in the curriculum.

The CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum is designed for students who are seeking entry-level jobs in the ICT industry or hope to fulfill prerequisites to pursue more specialized ICT skills. CCNA Routing and Switching provides extensive coverage of networking topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services, with plenty of opportunities to gain hands-on practical experience and develop career skills. 

In each course, students learn technology concepts with the support of interactive media and apply and practice this knowledge through a series of hands-on and simulated activities that reinforce learning.

Courses and Certifications

The Camden Dream Center Technology Training School prepares students to take the Cisco CCENT certification exam by offering two prerequisite courses to the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching course.

The curriculum is appropriate for students at many education levels and types of institutions, including high schools, secondary schools, universities, colleges, career and technical schools, community organizations, and non-traditional learning environments.

The curriculum helps students develop workforce readiness skills and builds a foundation for success in networking-related careers and degree programs.

Cisco Networking Academy is a global education program that teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot, and secure computer networks for increased access to career and economic opportunities in communities around the world. Networking Academy provides online courses, interactive tools, and hands-on learning activities to help individuals prepare for ICT and networking careers in virtually every type of industry.
In Demand Occupations
As networking capabilities continue to grow and expand, corporations, nonprofits, schools, hospitals, governments, and NGOs around the world are experiencing a shortage of qualified information and communication technology (ICT) specialists to design, install, secure, and manage their networks.

Students who gain ICT knowledge and practical experience through the Networking Academy program can earn Cisco career certifications and help fill an estimated eight million networking jobs around the world.

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