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The Digital Age 
Industry High-Valued Certifications 

The 21st century runs on digital networks. Businesses of all kinds depend on a workforce educated to design, build and operate these networks. By 2016, it is expected that 90% of jobs will require technology skills and almost all jobs will be ICT – enabled ( 

The digital divide is the economic wedge issue of the 21st century. Minorities and girls in particular are at a significant disadvantage, and our program aims to focus efforts in recruiting students in this demographic. Cisco Networking Academy courses prepare students for ANSI Career Clusters, and align with STEM Career Clusters, Common Core, Next Generation Science, and 21st Century Skills.

Cisco Networking Academy students 

have unprecedented opportunities to 

become the next generation of our 

highly trained and technically IT savvy workforce. These students can begin to foster personal success along with long-term economic growth for the country.


The Cisco Networking Academy is a comprehensive e-learning program for not-for profit educational institutions, which provide students with the Internet technology skills essential in a global economy.  It delivers web-based content, 

online assessment, student performance tracking, hands-on labs, instructor training and support, and preparation for industry standard certifications. Certifications: A+, CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, and CCNA 


Our online e-learning platform delivers courses rich with assessment tools to collect, track and analyze data in real-time from program activities. These activities are designed to produce innovative, results-driven outcomes. Leadership believes this helps make well-informed management decisions to drive continuous improvement and long-term impact. 

Students are challenged to solve problems and address issues that are common in real-world applications. Cisco Certifications obtained by attending Cisco Networking Academy represents time well invested. 

Rutgers University Camden 
Phebe Haddon, Chancellor of Rutgers University- Camden, annually shows her support of Camden Dream CDF Freedom School. Chancellor Haddon provides inspiration as she reads to the children and offers her time to encourage youth in Camden. 

Leave No Child Behind & Literacy Statistics

Low-income children typically lose 2-3 months of learning during the summer. But 90% of children gain or maintain reading ability during Freedom School. 

Camden School District 

Paymon Rouhanifard, Superintendent of Camden School District supports Camden Dream CDF Freedom School by reading to children and youth attending our 6 week summer literacy enrichment program in Camden, NJ. 

Literacy is the gateway skill that students need to be successful in school; low literacy levels translate into poor grades, grade repetition, and eventual disengagement from school. Camden Dream CDF Freedom School adopts Leave No Child Behind. 

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